samedi 7 janvier 2023

Datura 13 01_23 is now live


Issue 13 is live and can be read here on issuu

or there on calameo

You can also download a free pdf from this link

NB: this issue is dedicated to Klaus J. Gerken who passed away 27 December 2022

Cover illustration | Illustration de couverture: Rafio

    • Docteur Burz: editorial
    • Léonel Houssam: prose
    • Damon Hubbs: the rat control agency and Kessler Syndrome, poetry
    • John Tustin: In My Prime, The Me You Cannot See, and Un-, poetry
    • Cheryl Caesar: The Treasure-Seeker, drawing
    • A.J. Huffman: Betting on Sanity, Eleutherophiliac, Mirroring the Floor, and At the End of the World, poetry
    • DS Maolalai: I think of the meat of your heart, poetry
    • Robert Beveridge: Amicus and Lack of Ram, poetry
    • Gary Beck: Persistence
    • Rafio: photograph
    • L.Ward Abel: Locus ad Infinitum, Ivory Clouds, Now the Color of Oranges, Low Tones, Curvature, and Requiem Misremembered, poetry
    • Rafio: photograph
    • Christopher Barnes: Nyet!, Jerk Line Of The Will, Door-Thwack, Starbucks Luminant, and Quibbled Dilemas, poetry
    • Mukund Gnanadesikan: Trigger Warning and Before You Walk Away, poetry
    • William Doreski: A Novel I’m Writing Myself, poetry
    • Mark J. Mitchell: Dangerous Knowledge and Espinella On A Surreal Theme, poetry
    • Gérard Sarnat: Prisoner Poetry: Trying To Stay On Course The Day Of Our Presidential Election I Can’t Vote In, Copping To, Coping With President’s Comments About “Loser And Sucker” Tortured Prisoners Of War Well As Our Fallen Troops, I can’t say it any better than this Maineline prisoner, Get Out Of Jail Card, and Short-Shorts By The Short Hairs, poetry
    • Léonel Houssam: extraits de Notre République (roman)

dimanche 14 août 2022

Datura 13 - Winter 2023 - Submissions open

#daturajournal open for submissions until 31 October for its Winter 2023 issue. Send your work @ mgversion2datura at gmail dot com.

mardi 27 juillet 2021

Datura 12


Contents | Sommaire

Cover illustration | Illustration de couverture: Claudio Parentela

    • Docteur Burz: editorial
    • Fabrice Poussin : Eternal Life for a Dime, Memories for the Otherworld, Taste of the Dream, and The Maker's Mirror (poetry)
    • Stephen Gold: Requiem, The 7:51 Train Has Been Delayed, and A Flashing Blur of Faces and White Noise(poetry)
    • Yvan Robberechts: Le SDF et Mélancolie (poésie)
    • John Grey: First Wife and Ghost Town in the Desert (poetry)
    • Heather Sager: Tattered Love (poetry)
    • John Tustin: The Hour and Shrink (poetry)
    • Christopher Barnes: Zips, 45 to 47 (poetry)
    • Robert Beveridge: Terrorist Sofa (poetry)
    • Sébastien Bidault: Claque de surf à Famara (poésie)
    • James Croal Jackson: The Days Are Bored With My language and Mist (poetry)
    • Gary Sloboda: remnants of the family album, flock, diagnostic, and buffalo (poetry)
    • Jeff Bagato: Milking an Elephant for Toothpaste in the Jungle and Sucking Soap on a Rope (poetry)
    • Justin F. Robinette: Aspergillum (fiction)
    • Christopher Barnes : ‘Chorus of Blood’ a review of Nothing Ever by Michael McAloran, Oneiros Books (non fiction)
    • Léonel Houssam: extrait de Notre République (roman)

samedi 13 mars 2021

Datura 11


Contents | Sommaire

Cover illustration | Illustration de couverture: Ifpalide

    • Docteur Burz: editorial
    • Jeff Bagato: Asemic Epitaph, March of the Antelops, Toothpast Comes to Town, and Lullaby for Ouija (poetry)
    • Alain Lasverne: Adoption en cours (récit)
    • John Tustin: Another Box, Dying in a Place, I Ease into my Seat, There will Never Be Peace upon the Streets of my Heart, and Wings Clipped (poetry)
    • Christopher Barnes : What the Street Remembers 11 to 15 (poetry)
    • Léonel Houssam: extrait de Notre République (roman)


You can read it on


dimanche 17 janvier 2021

Datura Issue 10 January 2021 is Out


Issue 10 of Datura was just published on and
Contents | Sommaire

Cover illustration | Illustration de couverture: Norman J. Olson

    • Docteur Burz: editorial
    • Charles J. March III: Horrible Soldier (erasuremate)
    • Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri: Impression, A Defense of the Moon, and Venus (poems)
    • John Grey: The Draining of the Alphabet, Bluebird, Ricky’s Story, The January Effect, and When We Almost Went Our Separate Ways (poems)
    • Charles J. March III: In Transition (erasuremate)
    • Patrick Sweeney: Orange Utensil (fiction)
    • DS Maolalai: Perfect, 3pm now, Philistines, Fresh night air and The hack comedian (poems)
    • Charles J. March III: Silent Night Blackout (erasuremate)
    • Randee Silv: Effortless, Tilting, Unforeseen, and Unsuspected (concrete poems or wordslabs)
    • Polina Z. Orlowa: Quelle surprise! (nouvelle)
    • Charles J. March III: Soda Jerk (erasuremate)
    • David Thomas Peacock: Vacant (fiction)
    • John Tustin: Died, Gone, Night Must Always Fall, Looked Upon With Piceous Eyes, Sand, and Shrice at the Apple Bee’s (poems)
    • Charles J. March III: Somnolence Limb (erasuremate)
    • Léonel Houssam: extrait de Notre République (roman)

mercredi 23 décembre 2020



vendredi 30 octobre 2020

Datura Issue 9 is Out


Datura Issue 9 October 2020 is out.

You can read it here ( or there (


Le numéro 9 de Datura octobre 2020 est paru.

Vous pouvez lire le numéro ici (issuu) ou (calameo)


Contents | Sommaire

Cover illustration | Illustration de couverture: Ifpalide

    • Docteur Burz: editorial
    • Harry R. Wilkens: Tribute – The Hit-Man, review & excerpts, first published in Mauvaise graine #10 May 1997 (poetry)
    • Patrice Maltaverne: poèmes extraits de La voiture accidentée du futur
    • Gret McGilvray: Temperance (poetry)
    • John Tustin: Pain, Like the Morning, I Pour Coffee into my Loneliness, and The Wild Geese (poetry)
    • DC Diamondopolous: 1984 (fiction)
    • Deborah Guzzi: All-Dolled Up and District 2 Matzo Island – Vienna, Austria (poetry)
    • Volodymyr Bilyk: ha tar urjir oscrannba boaabu Cha o, ixon he whirl csy ezs blue xuee 9, and bat fe tetrahedron gob (vispo)
    • Robert Roman: Comme un trouble qui prend corps (poème) Dégagement et La conscience tranquille (prose)
    • Christopher Barnes: Ocean Swell, Surface of Water, So, Is It?, Rhythmic Lustre, Glances Off, and Inconsequential(poetry)
    • John Grey: For the John and Purchased at a Second Hand Store (poetry)
    • Léonel Houssam: un extrait de Notre République (roman)