dimanche 13 octobre 2019

Issue 5 | October 2019

Contents | Sommaire

Cover illustration | Illustration de couverture:
Steve Berardi: October Clouds and Oak Tree

Docteur Burz: editorial
Michaeël Potier: Le Noir Baiser de la Vieillesse, Des Morsures De Diable, Amour Perdu, Dans Le Cul Des Artistes et Chant D’amour Triste
Rus Khomutoff: prose poem – Bizarrobot by Kenji Siratori
Karen Breen: Ablutions in Martinsburg, WV
Robert Beveridge: Silver Needles
Daniel de Culla: Ragecracker, Benchcracker, Busybody
DC Diamondopolous: Billy Luck
David Lewitzky: A Guy Walks Into a Bar
Deborah Guzzi: Fill the Void and Genetic Predispositions
Gerard Sarnat: Getting Off In Peru –Photograph The Lima Huancayo Railroad
John Grey: My Copperhead Encounter, Into the Woods Once More, and In a Previous Death
Michael Spring: masks on the wall
John Tustin: Under the Covers with the Rain
J. J. Steinfeld: Unmagical
Nicola Vallera: The Endless City
Harry R. Wilkens: excerpts from Piss Talks – Stormy Sky above Kolkata by Sergio
Léonel Houssam: extrait de Notre République – Attic photographie de James C. Farmer

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jeudi 4 juillet 2019

Issue 4 | July 2019

Cover illustration | Illustration de couverture:
Photograph of Eugen Sandow wearing leopard-skin trunks. Entitled "A New Sandow Pose (VIII)." Photo taken from Sandow's Magazine of Physical Culture. General Collections

Docteur Burz: editorial
Jan Bardeau: extraits du Journal
Gary Beck: The Audition
Vincent: poèmes, illustration: Norman J. Olson
Samuel Buckley: Beauty Finds Refuge
Beth McKim: Step Right Up, Folks
John Grey: Stalkers and Their Opposites
JL Moutlrie: poems
Christopher Barnes reviews Words Running for Cover by Richard Livermore
Harry R. Wilkens: excerpts from Piss Talks
Léonel Houssam: extrait de Notre République, photograph by Andrew Hurley

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mercredi 26 juin 2019

Issue 4 To Be Published This Week

Issue 4 will be released next week, with work by Christopher Barnes – Gary Beck – Buckley – Docteur Burz – John Grey – Leonel Houssam – Beth McKim -JL Moultrie – Norman J. Olson -Vincent – Harry R. Wilkens

Cover illustration | Illustration de couverture:

Photograph of Eugen Sandow wearing leopard-skin trunks. Entitled "A New Sandow Pose (VIII)." Photo taken from Sandow's Magazine of Physical Culture. General Collections

lundi 22 avril 2019

Issue 3 | April 2019

#3 | 04_2019

Susan Blevins – Laurent Bouisset – Docteur Burz – Gabriel Henry – Léonel Houssam – Murièle Modely – Peter O’Neill – Ken Pobo – Fabrice Poussin – Harry Wilkens – Mark Young

Contents | Sommaire

Cover illustration | Illustration de couverture:
Tunnelling mud crab in Nelson Haven by Pseudopanax

Docteur Burz: editorial
Gabriel Henry: Une anecdote et Heure cassée
Mark Young: Patently Absurd and I Could Only Hope
Murièle Modély: Chair de crabe
Fabrice Poussin: Hand Grenade, Silent Scream, Rain Drops in My Head, Paper Cut, and Opus Mundi
Ken Pobo: Delicious
Susan Blevins: Gerald & Jane
Peter O’Neill: Doorways
Laurent Bouisset: Gérard Jugnot dans Fight Club et Cassavetes et Cassis
Harry R. Wilkens: excerpts from Piss Talks
Léonel Houssam: extrait de Notre République

It's here https://issuu.com/mgversion2/docs/issue_3_04_19
and there https://www.calameo.com/read/000028151e872537ed77b
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samedi 5 janvier 2019

Issue 2 | January 2019

Cover art for issue 2
(c) Norman J. Olson

Contents: Bardeau – Boutin – Docteur Burz – Dugast – Fraxion – Houssam – Khomutoff – McLean – Olson – Vincent – Wilkens

The print version will soon be available €2  France, €4 Europe, €8 the world. Payment via Paypal. Contact me for more details.

You can read it online right now here and there.

Issue 3 will be announced later.

samedi 13 octobre 2018

Issue 1 | October 2018

#1 | 10_2018

Palette by Fabrice Poussin

Cover photograph: Palette by Fabrice Poussin

Docteur Burz éditorial

Fabrice Marzuolo La chaise mystère
Love and Crotte
A propos de Love and Crotte
James White Bronwood Texas, 1927
Natalie Y. Tales of Old News
Marie C. Lecrivain Unavoidable
David Herrle The Baby Lived Twenty Minutes After Sharon’s Last Breath
Sanjeev Sethi Concert
Vincent Baisé profond et gratis
Jan Bardeau proses
Morgane Tuileries
Bzone Epitaphe
Cathy Garcia extraits de Celle qui manque
Murièle Modély Tu es assise dans la cuisine...
Béatrice Layenne Mes souvenirs et Toutes celles qui sont en moi
Steve Klepetar To The Moon and Back
Karla Linn Merrifield Happenstance: Visceral Being
Caleb Puckett Cozy Mystery and A Page from the Baedeker
Pradip Choudhuri extraits de Grosse bise à toutes le chiennes en chaleur
Harry Wilkens Piss Talks (excerpts)
Michèle Caussat Wagons. Gares...
Eric von Neff A Man in Euclidean Space & Camp #15748
Leonel Houssam Notre République 31ème jour après

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lundi 20 août 2018

LUMMOX 7 is Out

Poetry Anthology #7 and Contest
In this issue... First off, I owe a debt of thanks (and a wealth of swag) to the Patrons, without whom it would be very difficult to commit to the 5 months that this project requires! They are   Anonymous, Linda Albertano, Thomas Brod PHD, Georgia Cox, William Craychee, Sue Crisp, John Davis, Liz Jackson, Frank Kearns, Hiram Larew, Lyn Lifshin, Heather Lowe,  Steve & Michael Meloan, and Micheal West.

Next, CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the first Angela Consolo Mankiewicz Poetry Prize: Jeffrey Alifier – FIRST place, Mike Mahoney – SECOND place and Vachine – THIRD place! They all receive a cash prize, plus some cool swag (isn’t being associated with Lummox Press enough?)…

In the beginning, I was worried that there might not be enough content (something I do every year), so I began adding “extras”. But in the end, the old lummox cup is not only overflowing, it’s running hot with excellent poetry (as usual); kudos to all the poets who contributed to this issue! Also included is the ever-expanding micro or flash fiction section with 7 stories by Seven Dhar, Roseanna Frechette, Ken Greenley, Tom Laiches, Felize Zoota-Lucero, Michael Meloan and Lucile Shulklapper. I think the interviews are interesting this time around… my interview with poet, professor, gay historian and rights advocate, Clifton Snider and George Anderson’s interview with Nor-Cal poet, bon-vivant and gad-about-town, Bill Gainer. Both cover a wide range of human experience, and I’m happy to be able to include them! There are several essays on plagiarism, one by the esteemed G. Murray Thomas and one I pulled out of the vault (from the old Lummox Journal – 2005), which is still timely. Norman J. Olson muses on poetry, while Christopher Robin mourns the passage of his good friend, Joe Pachinko. Finally Jay Jones (no relation) writes about Australian poet and artist Billy Jones‘s penchant for illustrating letters with some pretty amazing Outsider drawings. I had the privilege of publishing Billy’s last book, complete with drawings and poesy. Rounding it out are some reviews representing the English speaking world: Australia’s George Anderson (The Mysterious Book of Old Man Poems), England’s Christopher Barnes (The Predicament, and The Non-Herein); Canada’s Katherine Gordon (Life and Death in the Forest of Angels); and America’s Nancy Shiffrin (Canticle of a Bored Hausfrau); Judith Skillman (Orphaned Words) and Stirling Davenport (Tracking the Rabbit). I must applaud the artists who have graced this issue, beginning with the great cover photo by Canadian poet and photobug, Richard M. Grove. Also kudos go out to Steve Dalachinsky, Alexis Fancher, Debbie Okun Hill, Charles and Pam Plymell, Steven Meloan, Jennifer Roskos, Clifton Snider, T. K. Splake, Lynn Tait,

To order a copy of Lummox 7 by card, use the “buy now” button below (it has a pull-down feature, so make sure you select the correct amount; the top price is for the USA -$25– and the bottom price is for orders outside the US, i.e. the World -$42). All prices are in USD.

To order by check, please make it out to Lummox Productions in the amount of $25.00 for USA, or $42 for outside the US (the World) and mail it to Lummox, 3127 E. 6th St. Long Beach, CA 90814.

Here are your contributors:
Mike Adams, Roy Adams, Jeff Alfier, Tobi Alfier, George Anderson, RD Armstrong, Chris Barnes, Belinda Berry, Genevieve Betts, Chris Bodor, Brenton Booth, Debbi Brody, Lynne Bronstein, Dereck Brown, Dr. Patricia Brown, April Bulmer, Wayne Burke, Helmut Calabrese, Don Campbell, Pris Campbell, Francine Caron, Alan Catlin, Chuka Susan Chesney, Jackie Chou, Jonathan Church, Wanda Clevenger, Sharyl Collin, Patrick Connors, Gaiyle J. Connolly, Kit Courter, Henry Crawford, Bill Craychee, Sue Crisp, Steve Dalachinsky, Lucia O. Damacela, Sterling Davenport, James Deahl, Seven Dhar, John Dorsey, Jennifer Dunlop, Alicia Viguer-Espert, Mark Evans, Alexis R. Fancher, Joe Farley, Kate Flaherty, Jennifer Foster, Roseanna Frechette, Bill Gainer, William Galasso, Martina Gallegos, John Gardiner, Katherine Gordon, Jonathan Greenhause, Kenneth Greenley, Vijali Hamilton, Charles Harmon, Clarinda Harriss, Debbie Okun Hill, Gil Hagen Hill, Eryn Hiscock, Lori Holloway, Keith Inman, I. B. Iskov, Gary Jacobelly, Ellen Jaffe, Paulette Johnston, Jay Jones, Frank Kearns, lalo kikiriki, Linda King, Diane Klammer, Ronald Koertge, Raundi Kondo, Maureen Korp, Andrew Lafleche, Tom Laichas, Michou Landon, Donna Langevan, Gayle Lauradunn, Kyle Laws, Marie Lecrivain, John B. Lee, Linda Lerner, Bernice Lever, Lyn Lifshin, Norma Linder, Jane Lipman, Ellaraine Lockie, Ron Lucas, Cynthia Lukas, Radomir Luza, Argos MacCallum, John Macker, Mike Mahoney, Jesus Maya, Mori McCrae, Michael Meloan, Steven Meloan, Mary McGinnis, Basia Miller, Joe Milosch, Tony Moffeit, Deborah Morrison, Laura Munoz, Evan Myquest, Linda Neal, Ben Newell, normal, Norman Olson, Scott Thomas Outlar, Lorine Parks, Jeannine Pitas, Charles Plymell, Pam Plymell, D. A. Pratt, C.J. Prince, Kevin Ridgeway, Christopher Robin, Judith Robinson, Dave Roskos, Jennifer Dunford-Roskos, Georgia Santa Maria, Patti Scruggs, Michael Seeger, Eric Shaffer, Nancy Shiffrin, Lucille Shulklapper, Linda Singer, Judith Skillman, Jerry Smaldone, Rick Smith, Clifton Snider, Donna Snyder, T. K. Splake, Jeanine Stevens, Cynthia Stewart, Carl Stilwell, Phil Taggert, Lynn Tait, H. L Thomas, Murray Thomas, Tim Tipton, Anna Totta, Wyatt Underwood, Ed Valfre, Rolland Vasin, Grace Vermeer, Richard Vidan, Linda Whittenberg, Pamela Williams, Scott Wozniak, Chris Yeseta and Felice Zoota-Lucero.